Barpa Langass

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[Barpa Langass]

Barpa Langass (yes, really) is a 5,000 year-old, chambered cairn believed to be the burial place for a high chief or tribe; the best example of its kind anywhere in the Western Isles. The gigantic mound of stones sits, wart-like, on the western flank of Beinn Langais, a low hill in the featureless, moonlike interior of North Uist. A path leads up to the cairn from the car park, with the low entrance passageway enabling views of the tomb's gloomy interior. At the time of writing in 2019, signs discourage entry due to unstable rocks; the partially-collapsed passageway suggests this has already happened in the recent past, though a gate previously preventing access had been removed. Combining the cairn with the summit of Beinn Langais and Poball Fhinn stone circle makes an interesting circular walk - more info here.

[Inside the cairn]

Location & info

📌 Barpa Langass ★★★
Off A867 2 mi northeast of Clachan, North Uist, G.R.: NF 838657 ///forced.rivers.balconies
Always open | Free

💬 From the car park at G.R.: NF 835658 ///unlucky.stall.postcard it's a 5-min uphill walk to the tomb on a clear path.

[Path to the cairn]

[Approaching the cairn]

[Barpa Langass]

[Another view of the interior and roof]

[View across North Uist from the cairn]


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