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Beadnell Bay is one of the most attractive of Northumberland's sandy beaches, found on the south side of its namesake village. At a couple of miles long, there's plenty of sand to satisfy a steady stream of visiting families (at low tide at least), with a car park at either end. The northern extremity of the bay features a small harbour and three disused, 19th century lime kilns - giving a clue to former industry. With Craster around the corner, this is prime crab fishing territory... so it was reassuring to see plenty of them amongst the rocks to the east of the harbour. The heart of Beadnell village is also a nice spot - set back from the sea but with plenty of seafood on sale in the restaurants to remind you of its proximity.

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📌 Beadnell Bay ★★★
End of Harbour Road, half a mile southeast of Beadnell village, G.R.: NU 235287 ///



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