Berneray West Beach

Berneray | Borve | Beach | ★★★★

[Berneray West Beach]

This vast beach runs the entire length of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides. The extremities are over three miles apart: the southwest tip at Rubha Bhoisnis has views towards Boreray, while the northern point is overlooked by the islands main summit of Beinn Schlèibhe. Nowhere is the beach less than a mile from the nearest road, guaranteeing crowd-free sand and seascapes. Make a special trip, or visit as part of the waymarked walk around the northern two thirds of the island.

[Berneray West Beach]

📌 Berneray West Beach ★★★★
Access from minor road end 1 mi northwest of Borve, Berneray, G.R.: NF 900821 ///partners.gems.starfish
❌ No public transport within 1 mi | 🚗 Park at or around Borve village hall (permission may be required to park inside the hall car park), G.R.: NF 910813 ///crockery.each.mermaids

💬 From Borve village hall it's a 20-min walk (each way) northwest to the beach, across grass which becomes a little rougher on approach to the sands.

[Northern end of the beach below Beinn Schlèibhe]

[Berneray West Beach]

[Berneray West Beach]

[Berneray West Beach]

[North end]


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