Dun an Sticer

North Uist | Port nan Long | Broch | ★★

[Dùn an Sticer - one of the causeways visible to the right]

We only had time for a flying visit in 2019, but we saw just enough of Dùn an Sticer to place it firmly on the list for a future return visit. This iron age broch (later converted into a small hall) would be marooned on an islet in the middle of Loch an Sticir if it weren't for an ingenious network of causeways (4 in total) linking the broch - via two other islets - with the "mainland" of North Uist. There are numerous other examples of island fortresses and causeways elsewhere on the Uists, but rarely are they so accessible.

[Dùn an Sticer from the roadside]

Location & info

📌 Dun an Sticer ★★
Off minor road immediately east of B893 junction, Port nan Long, North Uist, G.R.: NF 897777 ///defensive.rural.sizzled
🚌 Bus stops at junction with B893 | 🚗 Layby at G.R.: NF 896779 ///plank.soft.perused
Always open | Free

💬 The layby has a good view of the broch. To visit the site, walk down to the shore (pathless) and cross the causeway (5-min walk each way). The causeway may be submerged during high loch levels or at very high tides.


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