Dunstanburgh Castle seabird colony

Northumberland | Craster | Wildlife attraction | ★★★

[Razorbills at Dunstanburgh Castle]

If you visit Dunstanburgh Castle, be sure to explore the outer ward fully - including the part without a curtain wall on the north side, overlooking Castle Point. Peer over the modern fence in the spring and summer and you should be treated to the beautiful sight of razorbills and guillemots peering back, often from distances of no more than a few metres. Official figures are hard to find, but we estimate the colony numbers in the hundreds, with fulmars adding to the party a little further south along the cliffs. A nice surprise, and an extra dimension you don't usually get on a castle visit. Ahh!

[Cliffs and castle]

Location & info

📌 Dunstanburgh Castle seabird colony ★★★
North end of Dunstanburgh Castle's outer ward, G.R.: NU 258220 ///eggs.initiates.universe

💬 Safe viewing is only possible with a ticket to Dunstanburgh Castle. The castle and seabird colony are about 1 mi from the nearest road. For directions, opening hours and admission charges, see our page for the castle itself, linked above.

[Kittiwake & razorbills]



[Territorial kittiwake]


[The inlet at the southeast end of the castle also has viewing options]

[Fulmars at the south end of the castle - admission ticket not required for this viewpoint]


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