Holy Trinity Church (Embleton)

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[Holy Trinity Church, Embleton]

This parish church paints a perfect picture of rural England, close to the heart of a typical rural England village. The nave of Holy Trinity, Embleton dates to about 1200, with the choir rebuilt in the 19th century. Even older than both is the base of the tower (12th century) and the fortified, former manse (vicarage), on the left as you approach the church entrance. Due to a quirk of history, the vicar has for centuries been appointed (and still is) by Merton College in Oxford. There's a second quirk: if the photos of the church's interior look a bit wonky, they're not - the nave and choir aren't quite built parallel to one another. Worth a visit if you're heading to nearby Embleton Bay, or to one of the pubs in the attractive village itself.

[Choir from the nave]

Location & info

📌 Holy Trinity Church (Embleton) ★★
By the B1339, Embleton village centre, G.R.: NU 231225 ///encourage.foods.these
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[South side]

[Nave from the choir]

[Castellated old manse]

[Embleton village centre]


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