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[Invergarry Castle]

This 6-storey tower house is now a ruin within the grounds of a comfortable hotel, but in its heyday Invergarry Castle was a formidable structure in a strategic location, guarding the Great Glen at Loch Oich. The building was constructed in the 17th century to an L-plan by the MacDonalds, with material reputedly quarried stone by stone from 900 metre-tall Ben Tee by clan members (if you're sceptical, so are we). General Monck burned the castle in 1654, after which followed several changes of ownership between Highland and government forces over the next century. The last act of war saw Invergarry Castle being partially blown up by the British Army under the Duke of Cumberland shortly after the Jacobite defeat at Culloden in 1745. The walls still stand nearly to their full height however, with recent restoration works happily making the site safe to visit without worrying about falling masonry.

[Invergarry Castle]

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📌 Invergarry Castle (website down at time of update in January 2021)
On the access drive to Glengarry Castle Hotel, off A82 half a mile southeast of Invergarry, G.R.: NH 315006 /// Parking provided next to castle
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[Invergarry Castle]

[Invergarry Castle]


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