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[Sheep sculptures in Lockerbie's centre are a nod to the town's lamb market]

20 miles north of the English border, Lockerbie is an important rural settlement with a history as a staging post and market town; sculptures of sheep in the centre are a nod to the local lamb market, which is still Scotland's largest. Any visit to the town is overshadowed by one of Scotland's saddest events in recent history - the 1988 Lockerbie Air Disaster - with a memorial garden a mile to the west paying tribute to the 270 victims of the bombing. The garden's visitor centre has a room dedicated to the wider region, which includes worthwhile attractions such as castle ruins and picturesque lochside walks. Lockerbie's High Street is also fairly attractive - particularly around the town hall - and we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Just Be Bistro on our most recent visit.

[Lockerbie town centre]

Location & info

📌 Lockerbie ★★
Dumfries & Galloway, G.R.: NY 137817 ///spoon.sunk.mixes

🚶 The Garden of Remembrance is quite a lengthy, dull walk from the town centre. There isn't much else to do without using a car or public transport.
🚆🚌 Lockerbie has a railway station on the Glasgow to Carlisle line, and reasonable bus connections from towns including Dumfries and Carlisle.

Nearby (1-5 mi away)

>> Garden of Remembrance (Lockerbie) ★★ (1 mi ←)
>> Lochmaben Castle ★★ (3 mi ←)
>> Walk: Castle Loch circular ★★ (3 mi ←)
>> Mossburn Community Farm ★★ (4 mi ←)

[Garden of Remembrance]

[Good food at Just Be Bistro]

[Lochmaben Castle]

[Castle Loch, Lochmaben]

[Mossburn Community Farm]


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