Museum nan Eilean (Uist & Barra)

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[Museum nan Eilean (Uist & Barra)]

This tiny museum and gallery certainly doesn't measure up in size or interest to its sister site in Stornoway, but it might be worth bearing in mind if you've run out of wet weather options on the Uists. The single-room display space showcases temporary exhibitions - local art on our visit - and adjoins a large school, library, cinema, swimming pool... an impressive setup.

[Museum nan Eilean (Uist & Barra)]

Location & info

📌 Museum nan Eilean (Uist & Barra)
Inside Sgoil Lionacleit, B892 at Linaclate, Benbecula, G.R.: NF 781499 ///
Open Tuesday to Saturday in term time; also during school holidays, but days unknown | Free

[Museum nan Eilean (Uist & Barra)]


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