Our Lady of the Isles

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[Our Lady of the Isles]

This colossal granite statue of the Virgin Mary thrusts into the sky just south of Gerinish, South Uist. Its position close to the only north-south road means you can't fail to spot it when exploring the island, with a steep lane leading up the lower slopes of Ruabhal to a parking area at the foot of the monument. The sculpture was built by Huw Lorimer, and commissioned by a local parish priest in resistance to 1950s plans to build a large missile testing range nearby. Looking at the landscape today, it seems the protests were successful, though there are still some smaller firing ranges on the coastal flatlands to the north.

[View west from the statue]

Location & info

📌 Our Lady of the Isles
Off A865 0.5 mi south of Gerinish, South Uist, G.R.: NF 776407 ///clef.famous.judges
🚌 Bus stops on A865 at Gerinish (1 mi) | 🚗 Car park
Always open | Free


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