Rubha Ban beach

Eriskay | Rubha Bàn | Beach | ★★★

[Rockpool at Rubha Bàn beach]

The Isle of Eriskay's second beach lies close to the township of Rubha Bàn, near the bridge to South Uist at the northwestern corner of the island. The beach runs for nearly a mile along the coast, and at low tide stretches out to skerries several hundred metres to the west. Am Politician - a pub - overlooks the northern end of the beach, with its name referring to a ship which ran aground nearby in 1941. She just happened to be carrying 260,000 bottles of whisky; the subsequent plundering of washed-up crates by delighted locals was the inspiration for the book and film, Whisky Galore!

[Rubha Bàn beach]

Location & info

📌 Rubha Bàn beach ★★★
Off minor road at Rubha Bàn, northwest side of Eriskay, G.R.: NF 784119 ///next.reefs.unloading

💬 Easiest parking is towards the south end of the beach, with parking for a few cars beyond the cemetery at G.R.: NF 784115 ///hint.voice.barbarian

[Rubha Bàn beach]

[Rubha Bàn beach]


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