Teampull na Trionaid

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[Teampull na Trionaid]

Teampull na Trionaid (Church of the Trinity) is a ruined, 13th century church and probable monastery at Carinish, close to the southwestern corner of North Uist. Good views across the island's interior towards Eaval complement the weathered brickwork; you can duck through the remains of a vaulted passageway to reach a burial aisle beyond the main church. The car park for the teampull is also next to the site of the 1601 Battle of Carinish fought between the MacDonalds and MacLeods. Brown tourist signs point out the Feith na Fala - or ditch of blood.

[Teampull na Trionaid]

Location & info

📌 Teampull na Trionaid
By minor road just off A865 at Carinish, North Uist, G.R.: NF 816603 ///marble.even.factually
🚌 Bus stops on A865 | 🚗 Car park at G.R.: NF 820604 ///
Always open | Free

💬 From the car park it's a 5-min walk (each way) to the church on a fairly level, partially surfaced path (a few wet patches).

[Access path]

[Teampull na Trionaid]

[Teampull na Trionaid]

[Teampull na Trionaid]

[Teampull na Trionaid]

[Carinish from the access path]

[Feith na Fala (ditch of blood) at the site of the Battle of Carinish]


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