Traigh Hornais

North Uist | Clachan Sands | Beach | ★★★

[Tràigh Hòrnais]

Rich machair and rolling dunes are the prelude to one of the northernmost beaches on North Uist: a short walk from the nearest road end at Clachan Sands cemetery. Tràigh Hòrnais is under a mile in length, but merges with the sandy estuary of Tràigh Bhàlaig at its west end, and with the broader (but rather featureless) expanse of Tràigh Lingeigh on the east side. Combine all three for a deeper exploration of the area.

[Track to the beach]

Location & info

📌 Traigh Hornais ★★★
Off minor road at Clachan Sands, North Uist, G.R.: NF 871767 ///cured.card.fishery
🚌 Bus stops on B893 at beach turnoff (1 mi) | 🚗 Car park at cemetery, G.R.: NF 875764 ///beak.plugs.lines

💬 From the cemetery it's a 10-min walk northwest to the beach on a clear track.

[Tràigh Hòrnais]

[Tràigh Hòrnais]

[Tràigh Hòrnais]




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