Walk: Dunstanburgh seaside safari

Northumberland | Craster | Short walk | ★★

[Coast path to Dunstanburgh Castle]

Each day, dozens of people use the coast path north of Craster for the purposes of visiting Dunstanburgh Castle. The easy walk is worthwhile even if you don't plan on paying for admission to the castle - particularly for keen rockpoolers and birdwatchers. Low tide uncovers a broad platform of stone and salt water teeming with crabs, fish and other marine life, occasionally sharing the stage with cows wandering off the fields above. Fulmars nest on the cliffs at Queen Margaret's Cove (at the south end of the castle), with outstanding views of razorbills and kittiwakes in the grounds of the castle itself. And what better place to start than the pretty village of Craster, where you can sample the sea from a culinary perspective? We've placed the route in our "Short walks" category - but the return stroll could easily become a half day outing if you explore coastline and castle to the full.


📌 Walk: Dunstanburgh seaside safari ★★
▶ 5 km / 3 miles | ▲ 30 metres
Features: Craster; Dunstanburgh Castle & seabird colony
Start / finish: Craster village main car park (charge, and gets full at peak times), G.R.: NU 256197 ///ribs.seagull.tightrope

Route: Car park - Craster - Dunstanburgh Castle by coast path - return by outward route or similar
Terrain: Mostly level, grassy track.
Wildlife today: Cows & sheep along the track. Rock pool life: crabs, small fish, anemones. Seabirds: fulmars, razorbills, kittiwakes, grey heron. Nesting swallows and pigeons in the castle.
Weather today: Light winds and mostly sunny, temperature in high teens.

>> Craster ★★
>> Dunstanburgh Castle ★★★
>> Dunstanburgh Castle seabird colony ★★★

[Rock pool life on the way to the castle]

Route map

Route credit: Scotland off the beaten track

Chronological photo guide



[Easy going on the coast path]

[Rock pool life]

[Rock pool life]

[Rock pool life]

[Rock pool life]

[Rock pool life]

[Dunstanburgh Castle from the shore]

[Looking back towards Craster from the castle]

[View north towards Castle Point]

[Entrance to Dunstanburgh Castle (admission charge)]

[Dunstanburgh Castle seabird colony (admission charge)]


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