Walk: Ear & Iar - two traighs

North Uist | Sollas | Half day walk | ★★★

[Track through the machair near the finish]

Similarly-named Tràigh Ear and Tràigh Iar are the pair of half-moon bays bordering the east and west sides of the Àird a' Mhòrain peninsula respectively. The latter is the most photogenic, but both beaches have miles of sand to explore, far-reaching views and fragile dune systems on the inland side. Linking the beaches by foot gives a great opportunity to enjoy the rich colours of the machair during midsummer, though paths are scarce. Our circuit detailed here is merely a taster for the peninsula; we hope to explore the northern extremity of the headland - which has several ancient buildings - on a future visit.

[Tràigh Iar]

📌 Walk: Ear & Iar - two traighs ★★★
▶ 6 km / 4 miles ▲ 20 metres
Features: Tràigh Ear; Tràigh Iar
Start / finish: Small car park at minor road end a mile northeast of Sollas, G.R.: NF 819756 ///alpha.period.shut

Route: Start - Tràigh Ear (south to north) - Machair Leathann - Tràigh Iar (north to south) - start
Terrain: Large parts on sandy beaches. Inland stretches either on faint tracks or through long grass without a path - fairy rough going for periods.
Wildlife today: Black headed gulls, lapwings, oystercatchers (and a chick), annoying flies at times.
Weather today: Foggy at first, slowly lifting to give sunny intervals. Light breeze, 15-18°C.

>> Tràigh Iar (Sollas) ★★★★


Route map

Route credit: Scotland off the beaten track

Chronological photo guide

[Moody skies over Tràigh Ear at the start]

[Track between Tràigh Ear and Tràigh Iar]

[Oystercatcher (?) chick]

[Tràigh Iar]

[Tràigh Iar]

[Machair on the return route]

[Return track through the machair]


[Skies clearing back at the finish]


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