Dun Borodale

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[Dun Borodale]

This mossy pile of rubble on the Isle of Raasay doesn't stand up well against the famous brochs on the nearby mainland. In fact, it doesn't stand up at all! But Dun Borodale is well worth visiting on a tour of this underrated island. This iron age broch sits 80 metres above the sea shore at Inverarish, allowing excellent views both south towards Skye's moody Cuillin Hills (only partly obstructed by forestry plantations) and north into Raasay's uninhabited interior. A shortish but steep, uphill walk is required to access the broch from the nearest road, passing the isolated, whitewashed Free Church of Raasay (and its former manse) en route to the top.

[Dun Borodale]

Location & info

📌 Dun Borodale ★★
Off minor road half a mile north of Inverarish, Raasay, G.R.: NG 555363 ///pheasants.emerge.laptop
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💬 From the layby (itself a 30-min walk from the ferry terminal) at G.R.: NG 556361 ///stood.dash.rotations it's a 15-min walk to the broch, on a clear, signposted path with some steep ascent. Route follows part of the red trail on map here.

Getting to Raasay

Raasay is a small island reached by generally frequent, 25-min CalMac ferries from Sconser on the Isle of Skye. Cars are permitted, but are usually unnecessary for most tourists visiting the island's main attractions, which are all close to the ferry terminal on the south side of the island.

[Path to the broch]

[View north from the broch]

[Start of the path to the broch]

[Raasay Free Church, on the way to the broch]


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