Falls of Dochart

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[Falls of Dochart]

These frothy falls and rapids on the River Dochart must be some of the most picturesque in the Central Highlands, and form an unusual, noisy focus to the southern end of Killin. With a water source further to the west, the rapids are a fearsome sight following Atlantic storms, but we think they look their best at more moderate flow levels, when the flow branches into myriad channels divided by stony platforms. These rocks are perfect for exploring with care, with access from opposite the ever-popular Falls of Dochart Inn.

[Falls of Dochart]

Location & info

📌 Falls of Dochart ★★★
Alongside Gray Street (A827), 5-min walk south of Killin village centre, G.R.: NN 571324 ///soups.finds.vase
🚌 Bus to Killin | 🚗 Car park nearby
Always open | Free

[Falls of Dochart Inn]

[Falls of Dochart]

[Falls of Dochart]

[Falls of Dochart]

[Looking downstream from the road bridge across the falls]


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