Greenknowe Tower

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[Greenknowe Tower]

"Greenknowe Tower? There's not much there," remarked the custodian at nearby Smailholm Tower after he asked us where we were heading next. True - Greenknowe doesn't stand up well when compared to its rivals in the history-rich Borders. In fact some parts aren't standing at all: this tower is now a roofless ruin which more birds probably call home than humans ever did. Despite all this, there are still plenty of interesting architectural details, and a spiral staircase is still fully intact to access the floors above - all for free, by the way. Neighbouring Gordon village takes its name from the clan who probably first built a castle here, although most of the surviving parts were constructed for the Seton family in 1581.

[Inside the tower]

Location & info

📌 Greenknowe Tower ★★
By A6105 half a mile west of Gordon, G.R.: NT 640428 ///guards.deliver.thinnest
Always open | Free

[View from the tower]

[Exterior view]

[Exterior view]


[Entrance lintel]


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