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[Killin Hotel & church]

The village of Killin (population: 700 or so) occupies an enviable position at the heart of Scotland's Central Highlands, not far from the head of Loch Tay. With a river running through it (complete with old stone bridge and picturesque rapids), pretty whitewashed buildings and excellent local walking routes of all lengths, it's understandably a bustling place on peak season weekends. But its - slightly - out-of-the-way location a couple of miles from the region's main road and rail routes seems to be keeping tourism to sustainable levels, which is all the more welcome for those planning a visit. In addition to the sights described above, there's a ruined castle and a stone circle to explore, plus a possible excursion by car to the beautifully conserved longhouse at Moirlanich. It's just about possible to squeeze all of these attractions into a single day; for those staying longer and fit enough, the spectacular Munros around Ben Lawers and the Tarmachan Ridge will surely beckon.

[Falls of Dochart]

Location & info

📌 Killin ★★
Stirling, G.R.: NN 573331 ///

🚶 The town is compact, with plenty of beauty spots within walking distance. Moirlanich Longhouse is a little too far without a car.
🚌 Killin is at the end of a bus route through the Trossachs from Callander. Longer distance coaches often run in high season from towns and cities including Edinburgh, Perth and Fort William.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Falls of Dochart ★★★
>> Finlarig Castle ★★
>> Kinnell Stone Circle
>> Loch Tay ★★★
>> Walk: Bogged down around Loch Tay ★★
>> Walk: Sron a' Chlachain - Killin's stony nose ★★★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Moirlanich Longhouse ★★ (1 mi ↑)

[Killin from the path to Creag Bhuidhe]

[Finlarig Castle]

[Old mill]

[MacNab burial ground on Inchbuie - an island on the River Dochart]

[Time for church!]

[Kinnell Stone Circle]

[Loch Tay at Killin]

[Moirlanich Longhouse]


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