The Real Mary King's Close

City of Edinburgh | Old Town | Underground tour | ★★★★

[The Real Mary King's Close]

Combine the steep topography of Edinburgh's Old Town with the passage of time and you end up with a city constructed as much vertically as horizontally. New(er) buildings on the busy Royal Mile conceal a hidden-away warren of centuries-old streets preserved below, with unsuspecting tourists passing overhead in their thousands every day. One such alleyway is Mary King's Close: buried underneath the Royal Exchange Buildings since the 17th century. Whatever went on in these dark wynds would have been consigned to the past, but in 2003 they re-opened as an atmospheric tourist attraction accessed only by well-choreographed, guided tours. In-character guides and a fair number of ghost stories don't take too much away from the feeling of discovering a secret world; we think it's still well worth a visit, with fewer cheap thrills and more genuine history than The Edinburgh Dungeon around the corner - though that has its own appeal. Photography is unfortunately not permitted.

Location & info

📌 The Real Mary King's Close ★★★★
2 Warriston's Close, Royal Mile, 5-min walk south of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 258736 ///indoor.hooks.making
🚆 Edinburgh Waverley | 🚌 Numerous local buses | 🚋 Princes Street | 🚗 Car parks / street parking nearby (both charge)
Open daily by guided tour only - advance booking strongly advised | £16.50 adult / £9.95 child


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