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[Museum of Edinburgh]

With a name like the Museum of Edinburgh, this striking yellow building on the lower part of the Royal Mile sounds like an important place. Let's get the record straight: it's a fairly small, old fashioned museum (though the interior extends quite a long way back from the kerbside) that gets overwhelmed by high season footfall. Nevertheless, we think this is one of the best places to start any extended trip to Edinburgh, giving a comprehensive overview of the capital's history all the way from the volcanic origins of Castle Rock up until the present day. We'd recommend a visit early or late in the day if you're coming over the summer months.

[Museum of Edinburgh]

Location & info

📌 Museum of Edinburgh ★★★
142 Canongate, Royal Mile, 15-min walk east of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 265738 ///punchy.needed.visit
🚌 Canongate | 🚆 Edinburgh Waverley | 🚋 St Andrew Square (0.5 mi) 🚗 Car parks / street parking nearby (both charge)
Open daily | Free


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