River Chracaig waterfalls (Portree)

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[River Chracaig waterfalls]

"Worth the 1 min walk", advises the local tourist map, and that pretty much perfectly sums up Portree's "Little Falls". This pair of miniature cataracts at the mouth of the River Chracaig are accessible by a clear path from the edge of Skye's main settlement, and therefore require very little effort to reach, even if you don't have a car. We've seen photos taken after heavy rain (not shown here) indicating that the falls can be very impressive when in spate. Scorrybreac Road - where the short path to the falls starts - also has a pleasing outlook across Portree Bay, with the harbour area just about in view.

[View from the road bridge over the river]

📌 River Chracaig waterfalls (Portree)
Off Scorrybreac Road, 10-min walk northeast of Portree town centre, Skye, G.R.: NG 487440 ///snowy.trickles.entire
Always open | Free

💬 Space for a couple of cars to park at the start of the path at G.R. NG 487439 ///then.sweeter.testy (further parking nearby). From here it's a 1-min walk upsteam to the falls on a level path which can get muddy.

[Lower fall and plunge pool]

[Portree Bay]


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