Walk: The lost broch of Caisteal Grugaig

Highland | Letterfearn | Half day walk | ★★★

[Loch Alsh and Dornie from Caisteal Grugaig]

Ready to go on an adventure? A lost, iron age broch lies hidden away in lush woodland on the little-visited, south side of Loch Alsh, providing the fascinating highlight of this intrepid little hike from Totaig. The double-layered walls of this defensive structure (named Caisteal Grùgaig, or Dun Totaig) still stand to a height of several feet despite the interior being partly overtaken by ferns, and several fine architectural features stand out including the entrance lintel and staircases within the walls. The broch is situated on the side of a low hill, giving an outlook across Loch Alsh towards Dornie; there are also glimpses of Eilean Donan Castle from an unusual angle lower down. If time permits, continue up the increasingly overgrown track for the best views looking back, and as far as Creag an t-Sagairt for a distant shot of the Skye Bridge.

[Cottage at Totaig]

Location & info

📌 Walk: The lost broch of Caisteal Grugaig ★★★
Start / finish on minor road (space for a couple of cars to park - don't block passing places) 1 mi north of Letterfearn, G.R.: NG 877251 ///sake.called.dolly

▶ 4 km / 2 mi | ▲ 300 m | ⌚ Half a day
Features: Caisteal Grùgaig / Dun Totaig; Creag an t-Sagairt viewpoint
Moderate | Tarmac (mostly private) road to Totaig. Fairly good track / path for remainder of route, becoming narrower and partly overgrown the further you walk. Short detour to broch is on a steep, rough path.

Route: Start - Totaig road end - Caisteal Grùgaig (involves short detour from main path) - Creag an t-Sagairt viewpoint - return by outward route

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On our visit

Wildlife: Ripe wild raspberries, unripe blackberries; lots of slugs!
Weather: Sunny intervals, dry, light winds.

Also on this walk

📌 Caisteal Grugaig ★★★
2 mi northwest of Letterfearn and 1 mi from nearest road end, G.R.: NG 867251 ///once.opened.wanted
Always open | Free

💬 Quickest access to the broch is a 30-min walk using the start of the outward route described above.

Chronological photo guide

[Zoomed view of Eilean Donan Castle from Totaig]



[Path beyond Totaig]

[Bay at Totaig]

[Path beyond Totaig]

[Wild raspberries]


[Caisteal Grùgaig from below]

[Entrance to the broch]

[View from the broch]

[Inside the broch]

[Inside the broch]

[Inside the broch]

[Faire Donn cliffs]

[Excellent views towards Dornie the higher you climb]

[Distant view of the Skye Bridge and Red Hills from the top]


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