Walk: Leitir Fura - Kinloch promenade

Skye | Kinloch | Half day walk | ★★

[Leitir Fura]

This woodland ramble explores Skye's gentle Ardnameacan peninsula, on which sit the overgrown and abandoned buildings of Leitir Fura. The ruined township - named after an old oak tree which used to grow there - was left vacant in the 19th century following the voluntary relocation of residents, whose descendants now live in Nova Scotia. In this sense, Leitir Fura is therefore not a typical Clearance village, though harsh conditions imposed by the landowner on the tenants was likely a factor in their decision to leave. Today, reaching the settlement is by a decent path, with excellent views across the Sound of Sleat to the mainland largely compensating for fairly unremarkable immediate surroundings.

[Storm over Kyle Rhea]

📌 Walk: Leitir Fura - Kinloch promenade ★★
Start / finish at Kinloch Forestry & Land Scotland car park, off A851 at Loch na Dal, Skye, G.R.: NG 704161 ///elect.served.loose

▶ 7 km / 4 mi | ▲ 170 m | ⌚ Half a day | Easy
Features: Leitir Fura abandoned settlement
Terrain: Fairly level track for much of the route. Good path for remainder, with one section each of ascent and descent.

Route & map

Car park - leave track at G.R.: NG 711155 - Leitir Fura by upper path - start by lower track. Route waymarked in yellow and on map here (no. 3).

Route credit: Forestry and Land Scotland
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On our visit

Wildlife: Small birds and butterflies. Quite a few annoying flying insects: midges, clegs, flying ants, bees, hoverflies...
Weather: Sunny start but clouding over, with an approaching thunderstorm which fortunately didn't arrive until just after the end of the walk. 22°C, quite humid, light winds until near the finish.

Chronological photo guide

[Outward track]

[Outward track]

[Start of the upper path to Leitir Fura]

[Upper path]

[Upper path]

[Great views back towards Isle Ornsay from the higher parts of the route]

[Leitir Fura with the Glenelg peninsula beyond]

[Leitir Fura]

[Leitir Fura & Glenelg peninsula]

[Return track]

[Storm incoming]


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