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[William Wallace Statue, Dryburgh]

The famous Scottish hero, William Wallace, stands guard over the River Tweed on a steep-sided hill a short distance north of Dryburgh Abbey. Carved from pink sandstone, this 13th century knight would surely approve of the vista stretching south towards (at a push) the English border, though he'd be less impressed by the vegetation now beginning to encroach on his view. Wallace is best known for leading the Scots to victory at the 1297 Battle of Stirling Bridge, and was soon after appointed one of the Guardians of Scotland - though this lasted only until his defeat at Falkirk the following year. Wallace was executed for high treason in London in 1305, aged only in his mid-30s. This is the oldest statue to the man, commissioned by the 11th Earl of Buchan and constructed in 1814.

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Location & info

📌 William Wallace Statue (Dryburgh)
Off the B6356 half a mile north of Dryburgh, G.R.: NT 592327 ///brave.resettle.settle
Always open | Free

💬 From the car park at G.R.: NT 595329 ///micro.teamed.belt it's a 10-min walk (each way) to the statue on a wide, fairly level track.

[View from the approach path]

[Side view]


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