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[Edrom Church]

An intricate Romanesque arch is all that remains of the old Edrom Parish Church: an early 12th century church close to the Whiteadder Water in the Scottish Borders. The arch owes its survival to its incorporation into an 18th century burial vault - itself of limited interest - and still features beautiful Norman carvings including chevron mouldings and heads spouting foliage. A newer church now stands next door to the burial vault, pictured at the bottom of this page. As for that arch - it's worth a visit if exploring nearby Duns or Manderston.

[Close up view of arch decoration]

Location & info

📌 Edrom Church
Arch is at the rear of Edrom Church, at minor road end a few hundred metres north of Edrom village, G.R.: NT 827558 ///footpath.among.explores
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[Close up view of arch decoration]

[Edrom (new) church]


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