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Nestling beside the tumbling Turret Burn about a mile north of Crieff, Glenturret was until recently Scotland's most visited distillery despite relatively small production quantities and a relatively little-known single malt. Why? Well, spirit originating here also used to go into the Famous Grouse blended whisky, with the visitor centre representing this globally recognised brand. This all changed in 2019 when the distillery decided to go it alone, focusing instead on building a more personal identity. Even if Glenturret no longer tops the tourist tables, it holds on to a couple more interesting records. They're a contender for Scotland's oldest distillery - with a foundation date of 1775 - and the mash tun (below) is the last hand-operated one in the country. A range of different whiskies are produced, of both unpeated and peated varieties.

[Hand mashing]

Location & info

📌 Glenturret Distillery ★★★
By minor road at Hosh, 1 mi north of Crieff, G.R.: NN 857234 ///unsecured.vacancies.chemistry
Open daily | £10+ depending on tour type




[Filling room]

[Towser - a former distillery cat]

[Mill room]


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