Walk: Ben Chonzie - tourist trail with a twist

Perth & Kinross | Comrie | Half day walk | ★★★

[Ben Chonzie from the Invergeldie Burn]

Ben Chonzie's accessible position - fewer than 50 miles from both Glasgow and Edinburgh - makes it one of Scotland's busier summits, and a popular choice as a first Munro. Yet it's saddled with an unenviable reputation as a dull hill, thanks to some rather featureless upper slopes and a broad plateau which robs the summit panorama of airiness and depth. Our favourite route up the hill is from the less popular Loch Turret side, but here we describe the "tourist" route from Glen Lednock in ascent. Decent tracks and only a little boggy ground make for a relatively straightforward climb, with good views looking back west compensating for less interesting immediate surroundings. The hill also reputedly has a healthy mountain hare population, so keep eyes peeled around the summit plateau. Finally, we've varied the return with a pathless descent to the Invergeldie Burn, allowing a circular route and views of a much quieter side of the hill - include or omit according to your preferences. In normal (snow-free) conditions the entire walk should be achievable in under 5 hours at average pace, which comes in useful during short winter daylight hours.

[Excellent views west from the ascent]

Location & info

📌 Walk: Ben Chonzie - tourist trail with a twist ★★★
Start / finish at car park on minor road in Glen Lednock, 4 mi northwest of Comrie, G.R.: NN 743273 ///coverings.glee.gave
❌ No public transport within 1 mi.

▶ 13 km / 8 mi | ▲ 740 m | ⌚ Half a day
Features: △ Ben Chonzie (931 m, Munro)
Tough | Clear track for lower half of route, sustained ascent. Second half of ascent is on a wide but faint path; descent to Invergeldie Burn is steep and pathless on grass - or you could return by the ascent route.

Route: Start - Creag Gharbh - Ben Chonzie - Coire Riabhach - track along Invergeldie Burn - rejoin outward route - start

Map shows both of our Ben Chonzie routes.
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On our visit

Wildlife: A couple of mountain hares, red grouse by Invergeldie Burn. Hairy caterpillars and sheep lower down, chickens at the start.
Weather: Often sunny, some cloudy periods, snow showers visible to the west. Just below freezing on the summit with ice on puddles, cold north wind. Intermittent snow cover above 800 m - more substantial on summits to west.

Chronological photo guide

[Start of the walk at Invergeldie]

[Ascent track]

[Good views of Ben Chonzie from the ascent]

[Looking back towards the West Highlands]

[A cairn marks where to leave the track]

[Approaching the summit plateau]

[Looking north from the plateau]

[Looking north from the plateau]

[Looking back over the final approach to the summit]

[Loch Turret from the summit area]

[Ben Chonzie summit shelter]

[Great views from the pathless descent]

[Looking back up at the route of descent]

[Invergeldie Burn]

[Return track along the Invergeldie Burn]

[Invergeldie Burn - Ben Chonzie behind]

[Return track along the Invergeldie Burn]


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