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Walk: The slippery side to Largo Law

Fife | Upper Largo | Short walk | ★★★ [Largo Law] In a landscape as flat as southeast Fife's, the grassy old volcano of Largo Law is a distinctive landmark, visible even from East Lothian on the other side of the Firth of Forth. At closer quarters the muddy path up the hill's southern slopes is unfortunately pretty distinctive too, eroded by decades of Fifers trying to get just a little closer to heaven. There are two main summits, both visited by the same path. The northern top is the higher of the pair with good views into the interior of the Kingdom, but the southern top boasts the best views across Largo Bay, hopefully sparkling in bright sunshine 280+ metres below. A third top - the volcanic side vent of Craig Rock - is visible to the east. The nearby village of Upper Largo is also worth a brief wander (as is Lower Largo on the coast), and we had a reasonable meal at the Upper Largo Hotel in summer 2019. [Looking southwest from the south top] 📌 Walk: The