Help: Travelling to Scotland

This help page deals with travelling to Scotland to start your holiday. For help on travel within Scotland, please see our Public transport in Scotland page.

Travelling to Scotland... from overseas

Scotland has 5 main international airports: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Glasgow Prestwick, Aberdeen and Inverness. Of these, by far the largest are Edinburgh and Glasgow, and these are likely to be your entry points if you fly into Scotland. Both of these airports have quick and straightforward public transport into their respective cities, for onward connections to the rest of the country. We recommend using Skyscanner to search for fares.

The interactive map below gives details of all of the country's airports, their official websites, and details of destinations served.

Alternatively, various English airports (particularly around London) are very well served by international flights. You can make the onward journey to Scotland by train, coach or hire car - see the section below.

For visitors from elsewhere in Europe, using long distance trains via the Channel Tunnel (with a change at London St Pancras) is a viable, more environmentally friendly alternative to flying. There are also vehicle ferries from Holland to Newcastle (northeast England) and from Ireland to Stranraer (southwest Scotland).

Travelling to Scotland... from England and Wales

[East Coast Main Line at the Anglo-Scottish border]

There are two main railway lines into Scotland from all points in England and Wales: the West Coast Main Line (London to Glasgow) and the East Coast Main Line (London to Edinburgh), both with several intermediate stops. Travel time from London is approximately 5 hours, with adult tickets starting from about £30 each way if bought in advance. We recommend using National Rail Enquiries to search for fares. The map below shows the entire UK railway network, though with some local routes omitted.

[UK rail map]

A slightly less comfortable, though often less expensive option is by long distance coach, for which we recommend booking through Megabus. Many people will of course choose to fly (typically the most expensive option) or self drive.

[Crossing the border into Scotland at the Union Chain Bridge - one of the most interesting entry points]


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