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Musselburgh is the largest settlement in East Lothian - optimistically known as The Honest Town after 14th century townsfolk refused to accept a reward for looking after the dying Earl of Moray. Located in the far west of the county, the town is in practical terms more like an extension of Edinburgh's suburbs - just don't tell the locals. Back on the honest theme, we have to admit the town centre isn't the most exciting of spots, though there's an attractive riverside, the Tolbooth is worth a look, and fans of discount stores are in luck. A bigger draw than all of these is the variety of attractions in the wider area, which include a stately home, sandy beach and National Trust-owned garden. Worth bearing in mind as an easy day trip from the capital.


Location & info

📌 Musselburgh
East Lothian, G.R.: NT 346727 ///tight.first.clock

🚶 The tiny museum is located in the town centre. None of the other attractions are quite so close, but Newhailes, Inveresk Gardens and the beach are all within walking distance.
🚆🚌 Musselburgh has good bus connections, primarily from Edinburgh. There are a couple of railway stations on the edge of town.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Fisherrow Sands ★★
>> Inveresk Lodge Garden ★★★
>> Walk: An honest amble about Musselburgh ★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Newhailes ★★★ (1 mi ←)
>> Portobello Beach ★★ (2 mi ←)
>> Prestongrange Museum ★★ (2 mi →)
>> Preston Market Cross (3 mi →)
>> Preston Tower & Doocot (Prestonpans) ★★ (3 mi →)

[Fisherrow Sands]

[River Esk in the town centre]

[Inveresk Lodge Garden]


[Musselburgh - The Honest Town]


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