Walk: Once upon a Tyne - Gorebridge gander

City of Edinburgh | Midlothian | Full day walk | ★★

[Bearing down on Borthwick Castle, the Pentland Hills on the horizon]

Along the upper reaches of the Tyne Water, old rights of way string together a series of nature and history sites, including a country park, collegiate church and 14th century castle. These are all accessible by car, but walking over the braes from Gorebridge is a perhaps a better way to appreciate the region's scenic charms. Fortunately the area is blessed with an unusually dense network of paths, allowing a satisfying day's circuit with a long return along the neighbouring Gore Water. Vogrie Country Park has a cafe should refreshments be required after the first hill.

[Tyne Water beyond Crichton Castle]

Location & info

📌 Walk: Once upon a Tyne - Gorebridge gander ★★
Start / finish at Hunterfield Road (B704) / Greenhall Road junction, 0.5 mi north of Gorebridge town centre, G.R.: NT 340623 ///sums.bend.target
🚆🚌 Train / bus to Gorebridge town centre, at slightly different points on the route | 🚗 Street parking at start, or several alternative options elsewhere on route - see map

► 19 km / 12 mi | ▲ 390 m | ⌚ Full day
Features: Vogrie Country Park ★★; Tyne Water; Crichton Collegiate Church; Crichton Castle ★★★; Borthwick Castle; Gore Water
Moderate | Clear but sometimes narrow, rough or muddy paths for most of route. Short section after Borthwick Castle is pathless with a couple of gates and fences to climb. Stepping stones across the Tyne Water and jumps over its tributaries could be difficult after rain, but there are local diversion options. Fairly complex navigation.

Route: Start - Common Wood - Camp Wood - Newlandrig - Vogrie Country Park - Tyne Water - Crichton Collegiate Church - Crichton Castle - Borthwick Castle - B704 in Gorebridge by north bank of Gore Water - A7 at Shank Bridge by south bank - start

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On our visit

Wildlife: Sheep, lambs, goats, donkeys, horses all in adjacent fields. Highlands cows, grey squirrels, rabbits, lapwings, buzzards.
Weather: 20°C+ and sunny, but with a welcome breeze.

Chronological photo guide

[Leaving Gorebridge]

[Pentland Hills from the hillside above Gorebridge]

[Crested chicken]

[Track through Camp Wood]

[Distant Firth of Forth with Fife beyond]

[Descent to Newlandrig]


[Vogrie Country Park]

[Tyne Water]

[Tyne Water]

[Ruined building by the Tyne Water]

[Crossing the Tyne Water on stepping stones]

[Path to Crichton]

[Crichton Collegiate Church]

[Crichton Castle]

[Crichton Castle]

[Tyne Water]

[Tyne Water]

[Looking back to Crichton Castle]

[Birky Side]

[Crossing the Borders Railway]

[Borthwick Bank]

[Bearing down on Borthwick Castle]

[Currie Wood]

[Borthwick Castle]

[Gore Water]

[Sheep by the Gore Water]

[Gore Water]

[Gore Water near Gorebridge]


  1. I absolutely LOVE your step by step commentary here. One knows exactly what to expect. And I have to admit, it looks quite enticing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you - it's quite a lengthy ramble but nice and quiet for the current times!


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