Allt a' Bhuic viewpoint

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[Arran from the Allt a' Bhuic viewpoint]

Not far from Claonaig on Kintyre's remote east coast, a dotted line on Ordnance Survey maps plots a short route to a promising panorama overlooking Kilbrannan Sound and the Isle of Arran. Perhaps this was a popular beauty spot in bygone years, but the path is now well on the way to being totally overgrown. Fortunately it's still just about possible to make it out, and a few minutes' walk takes you to the general area - there's no specific viewpoint - where views can be had. The going becomes increasingly rough as distance from the road increases, but views improve as the trees thin, just as the path fades almost to nothing. A couple of partially obscured waterfalls on the Allt a' Bhuic add to the scenic interest. One for only the keenest of sightseers perhaps, but it's generally only the keenest of sightseers who pass through this region anyway.

[Allt a' Bhuic]

Location & info

📌 Allt a' Bhuic viewpoint ★★
Off the B842 1 mi southwest of Claonaig, G.R.: NR 862552 /// The car park is at G.R.: NR 860554 ///ecologist.mammoths.monks - cross the road to pick up the path on the far side.
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