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[Temple Church, Midlothian]

The backwater village of Temple, Midlothian has an interesting history. Its name is a reference to the Knight's Templar: an ancient Catholic military order with a headquarters in Jerusalem and outposts throughout Europe. In 1128 the local parish - then named Balantrodach - became the main preceptory for the order in Scotland, later coming under the ownership of the similar Knights Hospitaller. You can still visit the site of the church, which is set in an attractive wooded dell by the River South Esk, a little apart from the modern core of the village. The building is a characterful but roofless ruin, and in all likelihood, probably a 14th century Hospitaller replacement for the original Templar church. But there is still a possible connection to the original Order. A local legend states, Twixt the oak and the elm tree / You will find buried the millions free. Is this where the Knight's Templar's treasure lies hidden?

[Church interior (27/3/21)]

Location & info

📌 Temple Church (Midlothian)
By minor road under 0.5 mi northwest of Temple village, G.R.: NT 315587 ///heaven.drags.garlic
🚌 Rare bus to Temple village (nearby but up a steep hill) | 🚗 Limited street parking
Always viewable | Free

[Temple Church]

[The graveyard contains many fine headstones (27/3/21)]

[Temple Church (27/3/21)]

[Temple Church]

[The Victorian replacement, across the road]


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