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[Aberdeen Beach]

Aberdeen's superb sandy beach stretches for two miles between the mouths of the River Dee (at Footdee) and the River Don. Lined by a wide boulevard and with a retail park and a row of cafes in the central part, it's great place to spend a warm summer's day in the company of what may well be Scotland's most aggressive seagulls. On the off chance (OK, in the likelihood) that it's a bit chilly for a dip, there's a leisure centre - including indoor swimming pool - just behind the esplanade. The sands never get crowded, even at high tide, and things become quieter still as you head further out of town to the north. The only drawback - walking to the beach from the city centre is a bit dull, though there are buses (or drive).

[Aberdeen Beach]

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📌 Aberdeen Beach ★★★
The middle part of the beach by Codona's amusement park is by the Esplanade, or a 20-min walk east of Aberdeen city centre, G.R.: NJ 955066 ///skirt.snow.tune

[Southern end of the beach at Footdee]

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[Aberdeen Beach]


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