Bass of Inverurie & Pictish stones

Aberdeenshire | Inverurie | Motte, bailey & Pictish stones | ★★

[Bass of Inverurie - motte]

Leaving Inverurie to the east on the B993, a steep-sided lump stands out prominently in the middle of the otherwise flat town cemetery. The mound is the remnant of a motte and bailey castle - known as the Bass of Inverurie - which was built by the Earl of Garioch in the 12th century at the confluence of the Don and Urie rivers. A steep path leads up to the top of the mound for good views over the latter, while a ladder stile gives access to the lower bailey. In between, four ornate Pictish stones are housed in a transparent shelter - with a beautiful horse, mirror and crescent symbols standing out.

[Pictish stones]

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📌 Bass of Inverurie & Pictish stones ★★
Keithhall Road, half a mile (15-min walk) south of the town centre, G.R.: NJ 781206 ///alike.chapels.folders
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[River Urie from the motte]

[Pictish stones & motte, seen from the bailey]

[Bass of Inverurie - bailey]


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