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[Brandsbutt Stone]

In 600 AD the Brandsbutt Stone probably stood alone on the side of the River Urie floodplain. 1,400 years later, it finds itself in the middle of one of Inverurie's many housing estates, in plain sight but perhaps less appreciated than it should be. This early Pictish stone boasts remarkably clear carvings of a serpent, V-rod, crescent and Z-rod, as well as a series of parallel dashes running up the side of the block; this is Ogham script and is thought to spells IRATADDOARENS, possibly meaning "Ethernan" or "Adrian".

[Brandsbutt Stone]

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📌 Brandsbutt Stone
By path between Brankie Road & Gordon Drive, 1 mi northwest of Inverurie town centre, G.R.: NJ 760224 ///fired.populate.drove
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