Brown & White Caterthuns

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[White Caterthun]

The Brown and White Caterthuns are two ancient hill forts occupying neighboring summits either side of a minor pass through the Cairngorm foothills. Both are at least 2,000 years old, with extensive earthworks and excellent views into the Cairngorms from the top, with Glen Lethnot especially prominent. White Caterthun is by far the most impressive of the pair, with vast stone ramparts on top of the earth banks. A longer (and slightly boggy) walk in the other direction leads to Brown Caterthun, which is somewhat overshadowed by its larger neighbour but still boasts numerous layers of ramparts and ditches.

[White Caterthun]

Location & info

📌 Brown and White Caterthuns ★★
The car park between the two forts is on a minor road 2 mi northeast of Kirkton of Menmuir, G.R.: NO 552661 ///insects.shun.hillside
Officially open April to October | Free

💬 Brown Caterthun is a 15-min walk (each way) up a wet path to the northeast of the road. White Caterthun is a 10-min walk (each way) up a slightly steeper but drier path to the west of the road.

[Brown Caterthun, with White Caterthun in the distance]

[White Caterthun]

[White Caterthun]

[White Caterthun]

[White Caterthun]

[Glen Lethnot from White Caterthun]

[Brown Caterthun from White Caterthun]

[Brown Caterthun]

[White Caterthun from the car park]


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