Cairn o' Mount (B974)

Aberdeenshire | Fettercairn | Road pass | ★★★

[Heading northbound from Cairn o' Mount summit]

The narrow road snaking over the southern Cairngorms between Fettercairn and Strachan was once an important military route into the Highlands from the plains to the south. Today it's a vital link for residents of Deeside, and a relatively easy way to experience the wide open landscapes of the hill range for the rest of us. There are two laybys close to the top of the pass: the northern one giving access to a 4,000 year-old cairn marking the true summit, and the southern one providing the best views south across the low-lying Howe of the Mearns. Extra care may be required if making a winter trip: exposure to easterly winds and a top height of over 450 metres above sea level brings the associated ice and snow hazards.

[Hairpin at the southern layby]

Location & info

📌 Cairn o' Mount (B974) ★★★
Between Fettercairn and Strachan. Summit is at G.R.: NO 650807 ///lemons.panting.fortnight. South end at Fettercairn, G.R.: NO 651736 ///enchanted.cotton.lungs. North end at Strachan, G.R.: NO 675923 ///finishing.panel.suiting

▶ 23 km / 14 mi | ▲ 380 m
Surfaced B-road, generally wide single-track
Almost always open; snow closes the pass a few times each winter, mainly overnight | Free

[View of Clachnaben from the pass in winter (10/12/11)]

[Foot of the pass on the south side]

[Redstone Hill (northbound)]

[Gazing over the Howe of the Mearns from the southern layby]

[Cairn at the summit layby, Strathfinella Hill beyond]

[Looking northbound from the summit layby]

[Descent into Glen Dye (northbound)]


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