Clava Cairns

Highland | Culloden | Chambered cairns | ★★★

[Eastern cairn]

Only a mile away from the famous and poignant Culloden Battlefield is another monument, this time from an era over 3,500 years further back in history. There are three burial cairns at Clava, placed roughly parallel to each other; other cairns and standing stones nearby suggest that they were part of a larger cemetery. Two of the main trio have intact (though roofless) passages into the central chamber which you can still explore, and one of the stones inside the western cairn sports several ancient cup markings. Both passages are cleverly aligned with the midwinter sunset, which is mirrored by the heights of stone circles around each cairn: the tallest stones are on the southwestern side of the circle.

[Looking out of the eastern cairn]

Location & info

📌 Clava Cairns ★★★
By minor road 1 mi southeast of Culloden Battlefield, G.R.: NH 758445 ///decently.perfect.cleanest
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[All three cairns from the western end]

[Western cairn]

[Cup marks (right) inside the western cairn]

[The access road now bisects the stone circle around the western cairn]

[Middle cairn with the eastern cairn beyond]


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