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[Dalhousie Arch]

This prominent stone arch spans the road into Edzell village from the south. Erected in 1887, it commemorates the 13th Earl of Dalhousie and his wife, who died within hours of each other from different causes. An entrance this grand promises a village with great things; Edzell itself isn't particularly exciting, but it boasts a fine list of local attractions (see the map below). If you later leave Fettercairn by the same road but to the north, the next village along is Fettercairn. This has a remarkably similar arch - but it was constructed for an entirely different purpose.

[Dalhousie Arch]

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📌 Dalhousie Arch
On the B966, south end of Edzell, G.R.: NO 602684 ///attending.dearest.passage
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