Dunfallandy Stone

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[Dunfallandy Stone]

This 1,400 year-old cross slab stands on a low hill just across the River Tummel from Pitlochry. Unlike the touristy town, this stone receives few visitors (fortunate, given the limited parking), but its carvings are some of the finest to survive from Pictish times, including wild animals, biblical figures, monsters and Pictish symbols - both on the side that the cross is carved, and on the reverse. The 1.5 metre-high stone is housed in a glass and stone shelter, which protects it from the elements but causes reflections which are likely to annoy photographers.

[Dunfallandy Stone]

Location & info

📌 Dunfallandy Stone
Next to Dunfallandy Home Farm, off minor road 1 mi south of Pitlochry, G.R.: NN 946565 ///else.flop.page
Always open | Free

💬 The stone is a 2-min uphill walk on the (private) farm access road from the junction with the public road, where there's space for a single car to park.

[View from the stone]


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