East Aquhorthies Stone Circle

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[East Aquhorthies Stone Circle]

Follow increasingly narrow country lanes uphill to the west of Inverurie and you'll eventually arrive at one of the best preserved stone circles anywhere in Scotland. Easter Aquhorthies is about 4,000 years old, and is a "recumbent" stone circle - a type only found in northeast Scotland, and which features a large stone laid horizontally flanked by two upright boulders. The circle may have enclosed an even older cairn and / or cremation pyre, and is aligned towards the southwest, in common with most other recumbent circles. There are good views of the distinctive summit of Mither Tap (Bennachie) to the west.

[Recumbent stone]

Location & info

📌 East Aquhorthies Stone Circle ★★
Beyond minor road end 3 mi west of Inverurie, G.R.: NJ 732208 ///avid.tilts.viewing
Always open | Free

💬 From the car park at G.R.: NJ 732211 ///reflected.dude.weekends it's a 5-min walk to East Aquhorthies Stone Circle on good farm tracks.

[East Aquhorthies Stone Circle]

[East Aquhorthies Stone Circle]

[Mither Tap in the distance]

[Looking back to Inverurie from the short walk to the stone circle]


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