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[Falls of Shin]

When travelling through the Highlands we're quite often left with the impression that tourist infrastructure hasn't quite kept up with the recent boom in visitor numbers. This is certainly not the case at the Falls of Shin, where a shiny new car park, cafe, playground and interpretation area opened in 2017 to complement a powerful waterfall. After browsing the information panels (shaped like an enormous salmon when viewed from above), you'll of course want to follow the short path down to the viewing platform for the falls. These are large in volume but small in vertical - more a set of rapids, with flow controlled by a dam at Lairg, a few miles upstream. The main draw instead relates to fish: between May and October, the Falls of Shin are one of the most accessible locations from which to watch salmon leaping as they return to their breeding grounds to spawn. Sightings are most likely in late summer, and particularly when the river is running high. Then it's just a matter of being patient...

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Location & info

📌 Falls of Shin ★★★
By the B864 3 mi north of Invershin, G.R.: NH 577993 ///guests.choice.awards
Always open | Free

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[Falls of Shin]


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