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During one of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's many visits to their Scottish retreat at Balmoral, the couple elected to stay overnight in Fettercairn on the southeast side of the Cairngorms hill range. To celebrate the arrival of royal guests, a grand arch was constructed at the western entrance to the village, and it still stands in situ today. Today's vehicles are significantly larger than the horse and carriage the arch was presumably built to accommodate, so while cars can still squeeze through, lorries and other large vehicles have to make a detour. Not to be confused with the non-royal - but equally eye-catching - arch over the same road at nearby Edzell.

[Village centre]

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📌 Fettercairn Royal Arch
On the B966 / B974 at the west entrance to Fettercairn village, G.R.: NO 650735 ///empire.grins.pushing
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