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Much of central Aberdeen's waterfront is decidedly functional, with the proximity of the city harbour to the centre causing heavy freight traffic and limited sea views. But head east through the swathes of warehouses and gas storage containers and you'll come across a real surprise. The narrow spit of land between the harbour and beach is filled by the cute fishing suburb of Footdee (or Fittie to use the local name), purpose-built in 1809 to rehouse local fishermen. Single-storey fishing cottages and narrow alleyways look so different to central Aberdeen that they seem like a standalone village rather than a suburb, with well-kept gardens, sheds, open drains and a squat church (technically a multi-purpose "mission hall") hidden away at the centre. The headland is vulnerable to easterly gales, with huge concrete revetments - almost as tall as the houses themselves - providing the necessary protection.


Location & info

📌 Footdee ★★
1 mi east of Aberdeen city centre, G.R.: NJ 958057 ///crowd.look.puddles

🚶 This is a spot best explored on foot. Aberdeen city centre is a 25-min walk to the west.
🚌 A bus connects Footdee with the city centre. For wider travel, see public transport info for Aberdeen.
🚗 Street parking is available nearby. Much of Footdee itself is for foot traffic only!

See & do (<1 mi away)

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[The beach at Footdee]



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