Girdle Ness

Aberdeen City | Torry | Headland | ★★

[Girdle Ness foghorn - a new harbour under construction in the background]

Aberdeen Harbour is protected from the south by Girdle Ness: a windswept, rocky headland topped with a lighthouse and an old artillery battery. Despite being within spitting distance of the fringes of suburban Torry, the promontory has a wild, isolated feel and offers grand views into the North Sea (along with a distant offshore windfarm). Closer to the battery on the north side of the headland, the panorama couldn't be more different, with a view straight into the heart of busy Aberdeen harbour, backed by the many church spires and office blocks of the city centre. Closer at hand, rafts of eider ducks, bobbing seals, gulls and oystercatchers can often be spotted around the coastline; this is supposedly the best place locally to look for dolphins, though we've never been lucky enough on our own visits.

[Aberdeen Harbour seen from near Torry Battery]

Location & info

📌 Girdle Ness ★★
Off Greyhope Road, 2 mi east of Aberdeen city centre. Girdle Ness Lighthouse is at G.R.: NJ 972053 ///codes.span.hiking. Torry Battery is at G.R.: NJ 965056 ///cure.lame.rats
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[Girdle Ness]

[Girdle Ness]

[Girdle Ness]

[Torry Battery]

[Torry Battery]

[Harbour breakwaters]

[Breakwaters with Aberdeen Beach beyond]

[Aberdeen Harbour from near Torry Battery]


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