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[Glen Garioch Distillery]

Glen Garioch Distillery (pronounced Glen Geery) was the first distillery we ever visited - and in true Scotland Off the Beaten Track form, it's not the most obvious candidate. The distillery lies right at the heart of Oldmeldrum town, in a part of Aberdeenshire which is emphatically not on any of the traditional tourist routes around Scotland. The urban setting gives the site a hemmed-in feeling, with the stillhouse directly overlooking the cross-shaped junction of King Street, Union Place and Distillery Road. Founded in 1797, it's one of the oldest distilleries still operating in Scotland. At the time of writing and photographs (taken in 2020) the site is undergoing a major renovation, including the temporary removal of the copper stills, so we're looking forward to seeing what the "new" Glen Garioch will look like.

[Glen Garioch Distillery]

Location & info

📌 Glen Garioch Distillery ★★★
Distillery Road, Oldmeldrum town centre, G.R.: NJ 809275 ///daisy.vowed.suddenly
Open Monday to Saturday, plus Sundays from April (2019) | £8.50+ depending on tour type, free for children

[Glen Garioch Distillery]


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