Hilton of Cadboll Stone (replica)

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[Hilton of Cadboll Stone (replica)]

The Hilton of Cadboll Stone is an enormous (3.5 metre-high) Pictish cross slab dating from the 8th century - one of the finest to be found anywhere in Scotland. Embossed with a hunting scene, Pictish symbols, birds and knotwork on the reverse (secular) side of the stone, it can be seen from several hundred metres away on approach from the parking spot on the road north out of Hilton of Cadboll village. The carvings are remarkably clear - and that's because it's a modern replica, with the original slab now on display at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Hence our rating, but it's worth a visit for anyone touring the Tarbat Ness peninsula. For the real thing, either view it in the capital, or stop off at the nearby, similar Shandwick Stone.

[Hilton of Cadboll Stone (replica)]

Location & info

📌 Hilton of Cadboll Stone (replica)
Off minor road half a mile north of Hilton of Cadboll, G.R.: NH 873768 ///bland.complies.keener
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