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Inverurie is a Royal Burgh-turned-commuter town, 15 miles along the A96 out of Aberdeen. The historic centre, slightly marred by a messy convergence of roads, is overlooked by the grand Town Hall, built in 1862 from the region's distinctive grey granite. This and the thriving High Street are almost attractive enough to warrant a short visit alone. Almost. But early history enthusiasts are in luck: there are a whole host of Pictish symbol stones and ancient stone circles dotted across the surrounding landscape; some are listed below, while those outwith a 3-mile radius can be found on our interactive map. If you're happier up a hill, the popular and local Bennachie range provides some of the very best views anywhere in Aberdeenshire. One other thing - each summer the region hosts the Taste of Grampian food festival, based at a nearby agricultural centre. This is a must for any foodie if you're in the area.


Location & info

📌 Inverurie ★★
Aberdeenshire, G.R.: NJ 775216 ///continues.grass.buckets

🚶 Apart from the nearby motte and bailey, most local sights are too far from the town centre to walk to comfortably.
🚆🚌 Inverurie has good train and bus connections from Aberdeen, Inverness and towns in between. There are several other local routes.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Bass of Inverurie & Pictish stones ★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Brandsbutt Stone (1 mi ←)
>> Kinkell Church (2 mi ↓)
>> East Aquhorthies Stone Circle ★★ (3 mi ←)

📌 Picardy Symbol Stone
💬 2-metre tall Pictish stone, dating to around 600 AD and possibly once part of a burial cairn. Further from Inverurie than the other sites but included here as we didn't take any photos!
By minor road 2 mi north of Insch, G.R.: NJ 610303 ///unclaimed.sang.catch. Limited parking - squeezing up against the verge may work in a small car if you remain nearby.
Always open | Free

[Town centre]

[Town Hall]

[Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle]

[Brandsbutt Stone]

[Bass of Inverurie Pictish stones]


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